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    What are the parameters of the wheel hub of a car?

    The main parameters of the automobile hub are: hub size, PCD, offset ET and center hole.

    1, the hub size has two parameters: the diameter of the bead ring and the width of the bead ring. The way of expression is 15x6.5; 15x6.5JJ; 15x6.5J; 1565 and so on, there is no rigid rule in format. The front "15" means the ring diameter. The ring diameter of the wheel is 15 inches, and the rear "6.5" (or 6.5J, 6.5JJ, 65) represents the width of the ring, and the ring width of the hub is 6.5 inches. The hub size can usually be found in the lettering on the back of the wheel hub.

    2, PCD: it refers to the circular diameter of the hub bolt hole. The expressions such as 5x114.3 and 10x100/114.3, "5" represent the number of bolt holes and represent 5 bolt holes. "114.3" indicates that the diameter of the nodal circle of the bolt hole is 114.3mm.

    3, offset distance (also called offset or ET) is the distance between the mounting surface and the center line of the hub, which can usually be found on the back of the hub. The offset is used to adjust the wheelbase and ensure that the wheels do not interfere with the car body.

    4. Center hole: the big hole in the middle of the hub. Notice that the size of the center hole is measured from the back side, which is the correct data. All cars are different. BENZ is generally 66.6MM, BMW general 72.6MM., such as the wheel axle hole of wheel rim is big, must use the middle hole ring, otherwise the wheel will shake when high speed.

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